Est. 2008


Regan Jane Hayward, creative director

With her distinctive talent, specialized knowledge, and proactive initiative, Regan applies out-of-the box thinking and unique methods toward her client services.


Regan's innovative service programs offer clients a unique experience in forming clearer communications and developing a deeper connection with professional or personal core values that, ultimately promote positive cultural exchange overall in the areas of professional visual arts and personal image. 

When clients are seeking to develop, launch and deliver arts-specific-programs, Regan's attention to detail, acute awareness of client goals, her leadership style in synchronizing various stakeholder's contributions and ability to curate collective efforts in the same direction, are her specialty. 

When clients are seeking to develop a deeper understanding of their personal image while navigating a fast-changing world, Regan's talent with active-listening, compassionate understanding, extensive education and training in evolutionary personal coaching and her real-talk style, are her distinguishing features. 

Be sure to follow her on social media,  attend any of her collective group special events and encounter your own cultured creative experience each time! 

associate memberships


  The Association of Image Consultants International is the largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. Members provide counsel on appearance, behavior, communication skills, etiquette and international protocol with credibility and authenticity.


Independent Curators International focuses on the role of the curator in contemporary art and provides an international framework for knowledge-sharing within which curators’ and artists’ practices can further develop.


Canadian Association for Astrological Education is the leading educational association of
accredited astrology in Canada. 

  With established curriculum of study in the astrological basics and first principles, interpretative learning and examinations are done in western astrological tradition.