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Art adds value!


We tend to think of art as luxury, but it goes so much further than just that.  Presenting visual art exhibitions and art programs in curated formats will produce deep pleasure and provoke experiential learning for audience and participants. Artistic showcases and programs are the personification of the hope that something grander is at work, and visual communication is a language that we can experience with comfort. 

Regan Hayward produces and facilitates art exhibitions and art programs to support galleries, business or organizational events to creatively unify their target audiences and overall objectives. Regan's artistic services will support your communication concepts, turning your walls into creative reflections and turning your events into tangible experiences for participants that, will convey information, enhance celebration and or learning experiences.

Every civilization needs artists and the arts to open eyes and give new perspectives on the everyday and, every core value you are trying to convey during your programs and events, an art showcase or program will help facilitate different ways to connect to your audiences.  

Gallery owners, leaders of organizations or business owners connecting with people and purpose, have an inherent power to design their environment, support the arts and create energetic impact incorporating artistic culture as a vehicle to express messages and objectives, during their events and programs.


With Regan's arts management guidance, the people, spaces, and emotions you want to capture and impact can be realized. Contact her today!

For artists and arts organizations

Regan Hayward has worked for over a decade directly with artists, serving currently as the gallery director for an artist-run centre and being a former staff member for a municipal arts council, Regan has expert experience on how to apply new tactics and/or support measures that bring success to artists careers and accelerate arts organizations growth, stabilization and sustainability. 

Regan offers the following services via consultations and training; 

- Help with visioning, to create a viable plans with tangible steps to execute it

- Organizational Business and Strategic Planning and Budget Management

- Promotional packaging and Social Media Marketing

- Researching, sourcing, handling: Grants, Sponsorship, Sales and Financial transitions

- Networking for partnerships, clients and paying gigs, projects

Regan is experienced and knowledgeable. Her support services and training in the area of cultural business management will accelerate art careers and the success of arts projects. 

Contact Regan today for arts programs support services.


for art buyers

Dear Art Buyers/Collectors,

  •  Are you looking to purchase original art for your home or place of business?

  • Are you looking to commission an artist for a special assignment?

  • Do you know what you want to see as ART or are you open to ART that may resonate with you?

When you're seeking original artwork, it's a subjective buying process and investment. Each art buyer or collector has their own special motivators and objectives that must be carefully tailored to. Sometimes it's about giving that special person a unique and thoughtful gift, while other times it's about acquiring art that reflects the social causes you believe in. And of course, sometimes it's about the sheer nostalgia or aesthetic of a piece! 


Regan's art consulting services will help you find art that reflects your intentions and spatial needs. She will connect you with the ART and artist that suits your artistic needs and will support all or various stages of your art purchase; facilitating the process from shopping to installing. An effortless and stress-less experience.

Email Regan at today.


Dear Artist,

Are you a practicing professional artist interested in showcasing and connecting with opportunity?

Regan Jane Hayward is actively working with a wide range of visual artists and collecting audiences ...