Est. 2008

visual art curator & art event manager


Regan Jane Hayward

An independent art curator specializing in interdisciplinary collaboration, Regan works with artists who share a vision to explore subjects and issues impacting personal development, collective consciousness, social causes and climate change. 

She is working part time her on MA in History and Cultural Studies at University of Toronto and a graduate of OCAD University Curatorial Development, Art Criticism & Design, Ryerson University’s Arts & Entertainment Management Program, and Toronto’s CMU College of Make Up Art & Design.

Regan is active in the volunteer sector as a Director on the board of The Headwaters Arts Gallery at the Alton Mill in Caledon, the Downtown Brampton B.I.A., and she is a founding member of Brampton Arts Coalition Committee.  Her employment in the professional arts field includes serving in the role of Gallery Director at Beaux Arts Brampton,  previously as the Arts Event Manager for the Brampton Arts Council, and as a Fashion Photographic Stylist, Make Up Artist and Corporate Image Consultant  for RJem Image Agency.  

She launched her independent curatorial practice in October 2016. To date she has curated and done the project management for ten highly successful visual art exhibitions. Regan enjoyed the synergy of working with esteemed international artist jurors, such as Michael Pape, Fausta Facciponte, Lynn Schumacher, Olaf Schneider and Tony Vander Voet.  Their professional collaboration contributed to the increased recognition for Beaux Arts Gallery’s successful revival.

Regan’s focus and personal delight in her curatorial practice remains championing the work of many promising emerging, mid-career, and established visual artists, producing and presenting visual art exhibitions that offer themes that provoke both reflective contemplation and vibrant live engagement events.  

She also is talented at developing working partnerships between various industry organizations whose missions and goals align with her art curation practice; skillfully and successfully co-creating artistic exhibits and innovative art programs that support their larger objectives. A few examples of such partnerships would be:

· 2017 Curator of Visual Arts Showcase at Arts Alive Festival 

· 2018 Curator of Visual Arts Showcase at Monstrartity Creative Community Event 

· 2019 Art Program Curator of Kids Art Challenge at Brampton Carabram Festival 

· 2019 Curator of Visual Arts Exhibit for the TEDx Brampton 

Along with her focus on program development she is producing contemporary art shows as well as traditional fine art exhibits for Beaux Arts Gallery, she demonstrates her creative range and diversity in her curatorial practice, contemporary themed shows have included Leaps and Bounds, Autumn Liminality, In the Wild, Transitions, The New Normal, The Sedulous Selfie, The Art of Darkness and Light a Shadows and Sophistication Exhibit. 

Along with traditional fine art exhibits, Regan also curated an exhibit that secured a satellite gallery status for Beaux Arts Gallery; Holding Space with Photographic Grace in conjunction with the Scotiabank Contact Festival.

Regan is the founder and facilitator of Cultured Creative International, an arts and culture service company that offers art curation + program management and facilitation services.

Her personal artistic practice includes sketching, mixed media collaging and acrylic painting with an ethereal, highly symbolic, and surreal exploration. Her ragdoll cat, Abbigail, is an avid supporter and assistant, if not uninvited participant, of Regan’s artistic practice.